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December 2012


Blank Page

Blank page..
Inability to smelt iron and weld bars,
Priceless lines formed by the ink from this pen,
Make it quite eccentric to write nonsensically
Amazed by my nonchalance, I rhyme
Soup of words boiling over in my head and spilling over
I might burst open though
Is there anyone aware of my dilemma? I pray so. I guess not.
Writing is my Morse code.
I have so much to say, that even words cannot express it all.
I’ve graduated from the dimension of the norms, a proud bearer of a mortarboard
I’m like a harlequin in a harlequinade.
Wrapped up in expression. Too heavy to speak out. My actions speak for me
I have so much to express, that even words cannot say it all.
I’m like a pantomimic in a pantomime.
Soaked in speechless speech.
Ability to freeze heat and dry ice,
Priceless lines formed by the ink from this pen,
Make it quite whimsical to write, sensibly
(10 December 2012)


Memoirs of A Lost Fairy

She was chained on every limb with addiction, profanity, fake freedom and false wisdom
She broke free, regaining her strength to shine her light once more
Her hair glitters in the wind with her golden reflection as she glides over the waters
She is literally walking on air, sighing heavy sighs of relief as she skates out into life
She is guided by THE LIGHT, shutting out every other sense of direction, eliminating viral thoughts, erasing voices of skepticism
She is soaring, flying higher, gaining momentum, accumulating speed, charging forth… then… bursting into outer space and sending down stars.
Do you wish you were that fairy?
(10 December 2012)

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