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January 2013



Cut off by walls of bleak hostility, pressed down by hostile authority and shut up by unauthorized intrusions.

Motionless in gray-scale, unimpeded motions of her heart send fragile rhythms tremoring through her flesh.

Gracefully, as her mind breathes in deeply, fantasies course easily through it.

She feels as if there is an overweight feet-dragging pachyderm crawling in front of her.

She lies in a state of intoxication, punch-drunk from heavily dealt blows of pain and hurt.

Now, pain wraps her like a cloak, a big black heavy coat.

She crouches like a tigress, waiting to be unleashed but where could she run to when everyone seems to break the rules and get away with it – go scot free?

She wonders why they don’t understand.

Thunderstorm! The cloak shields her from the pouring rain as she races through a labyrinth of thoughts.

“It shouldn’t be this way”, she says to herself.

“No one should feel inane. ”

The avid breeze blowing through her windows intermittently remind her that light reveals.

She musters up enough strength to lift her frail body upright as she sets fire to the mask of pain that limited her all this while as she breaks free and plunges herself into The Great White.

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