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January 2017



Let my tears water your bed of flowers again and again.
Death has befallen my favorite stem.
Sequester will provide temporary relief from the pain.
With staggering legs and hearts that still stand firm.

They have done it.
I am performing an autopsy on a living being.
Gather the ice cubes and tear this soul with ease and heat.
Cut off my fingers and swallow my rings.

Like a wisp of smoke, I couldn’t control you.
The worst has been done today.
Hot liquid fill my eyes and blur my view.
As I watch you walk away.

I will cry on every night henceforth.
Until I have no strength left.
Hoping to regain what has been lost.
My soul is indeed bereft.

I don’t want to be a burden to anyone.
Useless and unwanted, that’s how I feel.
How to reverse the deeds I’ve done.
It’s not even working because the pain is real.

Apologies will never fix anything.
I’m asking you to do the impossible.
Even as impossible as it seems,
There could be a conceivable miracle.

Hot oil is spilling on my soul.
The darkness has defeated me.
Pain seeps out from the newly formed holes.
And I have finally begun to crawl on my knees.

(October 2016)

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