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Events: Tales By Mün Light (TBML)

Hey Gems!

Yesterday, I vibed at JayMün‘s TBML Concert and it was great for me because it was an inclusive event. It wasn’t like the conventional Kaduna concert where only rappers would come to camp.

There was an altè vibe that Shime and MonLee brought to the event, a thrilling contemporary dance performance from Ijay, and then GPZ (and Worship) locked it down with poetry so shout out to Mün for being inclusive. Not every time jump and shout. Sometimes we want Jon Bellion and Adele.

So, like I shared on Twitter hours before the event, I was just going to have a good time oh, but God had other plans.

Got to the venue and there wasn’t enough manpower so I had to be an usher throughout the event. I mean, I’ve joined almost all the departments in this life but never the Ushering Department. Shout out to every usher that holds it down every Sunday.


Some people were rude, some were nice; it was kind of a wholesome experience.

If you were offended after I nicely asked you to ‘please sit down,’ ntoh. ✌🏾😛

One particular girl came to the event with no ambition because she refused to sit down, and after some time, she started walking about looking for attention (yes, if you’re reading this, you know it’s you.) I started to pity her because it was too much. I don’t think she even enjoyed the event because she was just all over people. Las las, I hope someone collected her number sha.

At the event, I carried chairs, shared food, walked up and down just to make sure everything was alright. Felt good! My legs are still recovering though.

Just putting it out there that if I ever do a show, the rules are going to be so strict ehn. So, if you don’t feel like complying, just stay at home because I hate disorganised settings.

Wozz all dis?

Five minutes is five minutes. Don’t come to my show and be telling us the origin of your name and what it means in the marine kingdom (what?)

You sha get the point.

And yeah, I’m going to be inclusive too.

One not so regular thing that happened was when the Transformed Generation Dancers danced to a poetry piece from one of my favs, Titilope Sonuga. I was blown away! I actually ran round, looking for fellow poets to see if they caught on. It was a different experience for us because everyone else was just watching the dance but we (the special people) were mainly listening to the poetry. Mad!

I also reached out to a lot of people I’d been seeing dishing out content on the internet and made them feel appreciated.

Overall, it was a great experience. It ended with my mother blowing up my phone because, yes, the event started late (as is the custom with most shows in this part of the world) and ended late.

Kaduna event organisers, you’re doing a great job, but please learn to start your shows on time. EVERYBODY now assumes that shows start late and so they come late.

Let’s change that!

Na beg I dey beg una.

Another lowlight was when we discovered that someone stole from a performing artist while he was on stage. I mean, who does that? It was sad.

Shout out to Ayock, Eazy, Menxee, and every person that actively ensured that TBML was a success. Shout out to Kiraaaaaaahhhhhh toooooo! She sangggggg!!!!

What’s your best and worst experience from any event? Let me know in the comments.

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