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Nimsa A'dool: First post

Take a hold of you. Never let yourself go.

Grip yourself so tight. Don’t care ‘bout this cold

Bow your head in pain. Hold your tears back in.

Don’t think about the past. Keep your mind at peace.

Find your inner coven. Spend a night in there.

Make it like a haven. Just don’t give a care.

Let your heart beat, let it roam free.

Don’t protect it yet, the scene isn’t ugly

Then melt your heart to stone. Paint it with the 7th shade of black.

Paint it black!! Carve a hole, carve out a well from the top of it.

Fill it with gun powder.

Now protect it with all you have. Let nothing come near it.

Else it’ll explode and you’ll go up in flames and down in history.




(6 February 2013)

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