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Inktober – Day 6: Drooling

His eyes opened slowly. He blinked away the blur and rolled his head over on the pillowcase he had drenched in sweat and beef-scented drool. He’d laid still for a while before he jerked off the sofa to look for his phone.

“Oh shit. Where’s my phone?”

Wiping the drool off his face, he searched frantically for the phone. Under the pillow, underneath the sofa, on the coffee table; everywhere.

It was 2:32AM when he found it. It was tucked in between two of the sofa’s cushions. He had missed his online date with his girlfriend, again for the third time in a row.

“I gotta make it up to this girl. I gotta..”

He slept off.

– JasmineTheJewel

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