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Borrow Borrow, When Will You Pay Back?

Based on popular demand, I have decided to write a blog post to drag some people’s edges today.

If you are a chronic debtor, this post is for you.

Is this woman talking to me?

Yes, you, papinko jabalaya.

You’re looking at me with side eye. I no dey fear you.

If you’re reading this article, it is very likely that someone you are owing money subbed you on a social media post and your amebo carried you here.

I just want to say that if you are owing anyone money in this economy, you are a wicked person. No matter how small the amount may be, kindly PAY IT BACK.

Don’t use “boss,” “rich woman,” “rich man,” “my rich friend,” “oga mi,” “my helper,” “comrade,” and related hailings to owe anybody. If you committed to a refund at a said time and date, keep to your word. Don’t be an unfortunate person and allow the person you borrowed from start calling you incessantly. Why does anyone even have to remind you to pay back a debt? At your big age and shoe size?

When nobody gives you anything next time, you will say it is pride.

If you do not have a refund plan, its’s pretty simple. DO NOT BORROW. Instead, ask the lender to willingly give/dash you before you collect the money, not two weeks or three months after.

For selfless people that will rather give out their last dime than send on personal needs, debtors have a way of making them feel stupid.

Here are some things to never say to a person you owe:

  • The money I am expecting has not come in
  • Na because of 5k you dey call me like sey I hold your life?
  • Country hard
  • Omo, e get as e be
  • I should have never borrowed this money
  • Respect yourself please, I will pay you in due time

Especially if you will be drinking wine and going to expensive places on Instagram, these excuses dun mek no sense.

Another class of people are the ones who borrow and pay back part of the money. Sorry, who will complete it?

Omo you know how country dey” is really for you and your Umunna.

Repent ye of your heinous crimes this day saith I, the Messenger of Refunds.

Be a good citizen, pick up your phone and refund that money now (with a lirru I’m sorry for theatric effects).

Now, let us talk about people with big eyes. Oló Júkòkòrò.

When people give you access and you move mad, they will revoke it faster than you know. Why will you go somewhere new like someone’s office or house and “make yourself comfortable”?

See, even a 5-year-old knows that “make yourself comfortable” is a myth.

You’re in someone’s private space for the first time and you are opening fridge and looking for what you did not keep. Opening pot, sizing their clothes and shoes. Using things you can either never buy for yourself or won’t replace.

Omo, the person might not say anything but lobatan oh. You will never hear from them again.

For these things to happen, you have to be reaaallllly close. If you are not close, sit won place.

Special shout-out to people who put others in tight corners by asking for personal items like shoes or wigs or outfits. Who raised you? You don’t know what contentment is?

If they borrow you now, you will slim-fit before you return.

Last one, I promise.

If you are in a public place, try dey get your own water. Corona is outside. How you people are comfortable asking random people for “a sip of water” beats me. The person that brought their own water does not have two heads. If they even tell you it’s lemon-infused or one tin one tin, you will still collect and drink. Tueh.

Change your ways, dear. It’s 2022.



The leaves still rustle when the wind yawns.
The stillness is short lived.
Temper. Temper and controlled storms.
A million bottles of hearts that grieve.
There is beauty in your soul’s brain.
Matchless pairs make up your being.
You are unaware that gold flows through your veins.
Such sanity will cause a stone to sing.
The wounded crawl into hiding once again.
Petals wither at the hour before dawn.
Bleed the oil lamps and drop the curtains attached to the frames.
Then the green light will flood in from the cracked window screen.
We will slowly rekindle the dousing flame from the beam.
It’s time.



The sugar coated words made of knives we utter
It hits the ears and there it melts, as soft as butter.
Darting straight to our hearts, they pierce us
And tear us apart leaving bare sores.
Forgive me for falling victim
To the show you staged, so depicting.
Now I’m left to bleed alone, still breathing
But you’re nowhere close to my reaching.
Yes, those were the same words you said
Believing, sending different signals to my head.
I put them down, yes I noted
And you’re angry now that I quoted.
Like a bee sting, it still hurts
But I will stay strong ‘cuz I must.
I never took that armour off
Although I was as hard as a powder puff.
It was an adventure, so I learnt
You left your mark, way too many dents.
Why do I care? This is strange
Bizarre. I thought I turned that page.
High off of love, almost suffocating
As weird as I get I still won’t start the hating.
I made a promise and I’ll keep it
Losing this game is no option. I was born to win it.
(14 April 2013)


Nimsa A'dool: First post

Take a hold of you. Never let yourself go.

Grip yourself so tight. Don’t care ‘bout this cold

Bow your head in pain. Hold your tears back in.

Don’t think about the past. Keep your mind at peace.

Find your inner coven. Spend a night in there.

Make it like a haven. Just don’t give a care.

Let your heart beat, let it roam free.

Don’t protect it yet, the scene isn’t ugly

Then melt your heart to stone. Paint it with the 7th shade of black.

Paint it black!! Carve a hole, carve out a well from the top of it.

Fill it with gun powder.

Now protect it with all you have. Let nothing come near it.

Else it’ll explode and you’ll go up in flames and down in history.




(6 February 2013)

Instagram did not return a 200.