Hi, I’m Jasmine-Jade

Hi, I’m Jasmine-Jade

I'm a detail-obsessed content

I fit into startups and fast-moving brands, telling result-focused stories that guide your audience from Discovery to Decision.

I have a degree in Aircraft Engineering (ask me about it on our discovery call), but for the last five years, I’ve been doing hoops between SEO, Finance, B2C and B2B SaaS content. I love a good read, and I write poetry.

In-between deadlines, I work on resources and marketing tips that help freelancers and business owners stay agile and productive.

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Customer Satisfaction

Why you need a Jasmine-Jade on your team


I do my homework

I am an undercover agent on every new project. I hang out where your audience does and study their lingo and pain points. I talk to subject-matter experts in your industry and spot content gaps your competitors are not leveraging. Then, I use the data collected as a foundation for my work.


You don't need to micromanage me

I put the content in contentment. I set the bar high and aim to impress you with my work. I never miss deadlines, I ask A LOT of questions (sorry in advance), and I study patterns to replicate impressive results. (In another life, I could be a detective.) 


You’ve found someone that actually loves writing

I mean, I dropped the spanner to pick the pen. I enjoy creating content that drives measurable results. Storytelling, data, trends and SEO are my thing! I even have plaques to show for being such a creative genius. Bonus points if you spot them in my background on our assessment call.


I put your audience first

Gone are the days of the keyword-first approach to content. What I do differently? I turn audience-first research into quality solutions with your business at the forefront. This way, we build niche authority, satisfy your readers and still appease the search engine gods. Humans first, bots second.

You would have completed my contact form if you started two minutes ago.

It’s time for me to meet you.

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