Content strategy for startups and growth-oriented businesses

Find out what your audience wants to hear. Speak their language. Iterate content that nurtures to convert.

First time? Best time!

There’s nothing more rewarding than laying the perfect groundwork for your marketing efforts before you kick off. Short-term?

You know exactly how to nurture your leads through your marketing funnel. Long term?

You establish authority in your niche and drive good old organic traffic.

Not your first time?Even better.

Stay relevant to your customers. Be visible to new audiences. Smash your content marketing goals.

We’ll double down on what’s working and level the playing field between you and your competitors. 

Sneak peek of what you'll get

Content is more than just words—it’s a roadmap to brand success, and with strategy, I combine SEO and research to get you there.

Pick your warrior

Make a smart investment in your business growth with solutions optimized for maximum ROI or get your custom quote.


One-month foundational roadmap ideal for building a solid digital presence.


499 USD



Three-month comprehensive strategy geared towards aggressive content growth.


1500 USD


Six exclusive months of multi-channel integration of web, social and email touchpoints for large-scale industry dominance.


2500 USD

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What are your payment terms?

The strategy report is consolidated into one living document. For invoices exceeding 500 USD, a 50% deposit option is available, but the complete report will be delivered once the entire invoice is settled. 

You can pay via transfer or credit card.

How long before I see results from the content strategy?

Content strategy is a marathon, not a sprint. Think of how long it takes to see results when you gym. Execute consistently and significant results will be evident after several months. So, start early.

Can content strategy improve my SEO?

Definitely! The goal of a strategy is to improve visibility, own your audience and drive your organic content marketing efforts for a long time.

I already have a content team. How can you come in?

While your team manages the day-to-day execution, I’ll provide strategic oversight and regular recalibration calls to ensure we maximise the strategy across all touchpoints, address any challenges and smash your content marketing goals. 

I will bill my hourly rate if you need a more hands-on approach or require me to train your team. 

What platform do you create strategy for?

By default, my SEO Content Strategy offering focuses on your website and one additional platform for content repurposing. However, you can include more platforms or focus on only one; I will outline and invoice accordingly.

What information do you require to get started?

I require your internal and external brand collateral. Specific bits of information about your business in one place will save us time on back-and-forth correspondence.

If you have a SaaS product, I may also require Pro access to understand it.

Does your strategy package cover the cost of writing and execution?

All packages include a detailed distribution plan and a complimentary one-hour implementation call post-strategy.

Should you choose to hire me for content writing, content repurposing, copywriting or any form of strategy execution, you’ll receive a discount.

What are topic clusters?

Content clusters are articles that help your brand own certain topics across various marketing channels. They help search engines recognise your site and brand as an authority in that niche.

To improve your website structure, navigation and SEO, I will create a content hierarchy with pillar pages at the top and supporting topic clusters linking to them.

By optimizing your existing content and creating new ones with high-quality linkable assets that attract organic backlinks.

Do you offer social media management services?

No, I don’t. See my copywriting and content writing pages for related services.

I took this EdTech company from zero to 135k

organic impressions in only a few months. This could be you soon.